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Leadership, Individuality, and Balance with Aastha Gaur, UX Director at Google

In this episode of Technically Speaking, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to UX Director at Google Aastha Gaur. She takes us on a journey through the different teams she’s been a part of in Google, how the insides of this enormous company work, and the story of how she got into UX Design and leadership. Join this conversation and have a sneak peek into the job of the people who make our online user experience flow effortlessly in our day-to-day! 

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Here are some highlights from the show:

  • Aastha’s work as UX Director at Google: Working at a huge scale to support customers throughout the globe. 

  • The four pillars of UX execution: How Google’s team performs at a high level and Aastha’s leadership management. 

  • How much influence can a UX designer have on Google?: The roadmap for creativity inside a giant decentralized company. 

  • How Aastha got into design: Her journey optimizing for day-to-day happiness.

  • Challenging stereotypes and staying true: Aastha’s Indian background and her identity as a designer.

  • How to maintain balance in and out of work: Brunch, dancing, and feminine energy in Corporate America. 

  • A piece of advice for designers building their careers: Dive into the power of divergent thinking!

Season 4 details

The next season of Technically Speaking kicks of featuring a host of new guests and perspectives. Here is a list of who is on the way:

You can listen to the trailer to get a peek into some of the discussions. You'll hear excerpts from Dominique Ward, David Dylan Thomas, May-Li Khoe, Rafe Chisom, David Hoang, and Preston So. New episodes release every Tuesday.

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