Clubhouse UX Coffee Connects, New Pod Drops

Can you believe the month of February is almost over? Since the last time I sent out a message to this group, we weren’t talking about Clubhouse, but today I’m going to break the ice.

Technically Speaking is on the Clubhouse.

If you are already on the platform, be sure to join the club. It’s well on the way to surpass more than 5,000 members globally! Think of it as a supplement to the content in this newsletter as well as the podcast. You can request to join it by searching for it on the app, or by adding me and I can then send you an invite.

Clubhouse UX Coffee Connect

Every Friday, I host a UX Coffee connect at 9 AM PST. I’ve hosted several topics around design ethics career reflections, and management. This Friday, I will be hosting along with Brooks Elliott Scott of Merging Path Coaching on having Authentic Conversations.

You may remember Brooks from Episode 2: Coaching Through A Crisis. That episode was recorded as the pandemic was starting and so I will dive into some reflections since then, and open up the floor for participation from the audience.

Event Link

New Podcast Drops

Also, this week, I dropped two surprise After Hours episodes with Theresa Slate and Farai Madzima.

Building Pathways with Farai Madzima. We reflect a bit on my journey into design and management. And the importance of paving the way for underrepresented groups into careers of design. Listen.

Design Ethics, Accountability, and Blowing Up The Table with Theresa Slate. Can you offset harm? This episode challenges the status quo on corporate responsibility and where design plays a role. Listen.

The Next Episode

The fifth episode of season two will be dropping on Monday, March 1 with Kat Vellos, author of We Should Get Together. Stay on the lookout for more information on this release. As always, thank you so much for being a subscriber. Stay safe, stay healthy and wear a mask.