Identity and Transformation, Clubhouse, and UX+ Conference Announcement

On day 4 of the Technically Speaking Podcast at the San Francisco Design Week. I share the studio with Jacob Hernandez and Julia Fernandez to talk about the power of transformation. Julia is a Product Design Intern at Facebook and the Co-Creator of Students of UXD; Jacob’s current position is Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn on the Equity Team. Tune into this profound conversation around the power of design and its link to social justice, community building, and overall empowerment.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Julia’s journey co-creating Students of UXD: How inclusion and social justice are fundamental to this community-building project.   

  • The power of community: Solving problems, recognizing intersectionality, and bringing our identities into design. 

  • Bias and the default culture: What is equity and how it relates to work, companies, and opportunities. 

  • A piece of advice: The journey of being an underrepresented person navigating into the design world. 

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Join me on Clubhouse

Tonight I return to Clubhouse for the first time in 8 months! we’ll talk about the nuances between being a designer and IC. I’ll be sharing the stage with Jay Demittillo (Lead at Grab, Singapore), Chris Thoms (Design Lead at NWEA, Portland), and Brittany Schlenk (Assistant Director of Design, The Hartford). The room begins at 4:00 PM PST (7 AM GMT).

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Speaking at the UX+ Conference

Excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the UX+ conference virtually which takes place September 10-12. It’s the biggest UX conference in Asia with the inaugural conference hosted in Manilla, the Philippines. Similar to last year’s event, it will be hosted virtually with three days of live streams. I’ll be joining some amazing speakers like Jake Knapp, author of Sprint past pod guest, Farai Madzima. I’ll be presenting on the power of storytelling with a product design lense and how it can be applied into every day scenarios (you heard it here first!).

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